workstgressWinter for many tends to be synonymous with sicknesses such as the cold, and flu, but sometimes the root cause of sickness is not the virus but your mental stress affecting your physical body.  Now that you have survived the blizzard of the year, it’s time to make sure your physical health is in balance with your mental health by relieving some stress. From crazy work schedules to changes in your personal life, stress is a constant battle. In the work place, stress can reduce employee performance which will inadvertently affect businesses.

Here are some ways you can overcome your stress by creating your own stress-free work environment.


Positivity: Surround yourself and interact with positive and optimistic colleagues. Steer clear of the naysayers, or the ones that complain about every detail of a task. Just stay focused on what you need to do to get the task done as best you can.


Decorations: Turn your space into a happy place. Gather pictures of family, your hobbies, fun desk ornaments and fill your space with everything you love. Adding your personal items can actually help reduce stress. Plants not only make a great desk decoration but the color green may also help you calm down.


Organize your work space: For many it’s difficult to work in clutter. Piles of paper unsorted and scattered all around your desk, file folders with no labels, or reports from three months ago; they all need to go. It’s easy to miss something or lose something important in a mess, so get organized and ease the mental tension.


Excerise: Get up and stretch! Sitting for many hours without moving anything but your mouse, does your body and spirit no service. So stand up, or take a walk and stretch those stems. Going for a walk and taking in fresh air during your lunch break can help ease the tension of the day and help your clear your mind. Find a workout buddy and get moving together.


Meditate: During your lunch break find a quiet place to go and close your eyes.  Clear your mind of your daily tasks and just relax. 15 minutes alone can do wonders.


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