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Some Like it HOT....

Posted by itsupportgroup
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on Monday, 23 July 2012 in Culinary Trends

hotsauce2…Hot sauce that is. Hot sauce has evolved from an ever-present, but always boring, token tabletop condiment to a niche industry ranging from mild run-of-the-mill to pleasantly fruit infused to so hot it comes with a warning to keep away from children (and thatt's not a joke). My husband is a hot sauce enthusiast and he recently tempted fate with a drop of one carrying said warning – it took several minutes and a few gulps of milk to recover. A friend of ours takes his interest to a much higher level and regularly purchases the hottest sauces he can find. He knows all about the heat ratings on the Scoville scale, and frequently puts himself in choking, eye-watering pain, much to his wife's disapproval.


Okay, so that level of enthusiasm is ill-advised. Hot for the sake of hot is pointless but venturing into hot sauces with bold flavors is a great way to season your favorite everyday dishes. Try some maple hot sauce in your baked beans or add a berry infused one to a balsamic chicken marinade this summer. Spice up your tomato juice with a milder jalapeno-based sauce. For a sweet-hot twist treat, try some hot pepper jam with your cheese and crackers. And if you find yourself reaching for the boring token tabletop condiment to top your morning eggs or picnic frank, there's a new kid in town: Sriracha.


Sriracha is a Thai hot sauce made from much the same ingredients as other hot sauces: chili, vinegar, garlic, salt and sugar. What sets it apart is its rich more-than-just-hot flavor and thick almost ketchup-like consistency. Up until recently it was a secret closely guarded by chefs and Asian food connoisseurs, and only available to those willing to make a pilgrimage to an Asian grocery. Luckily, it comes in very large bottles for very few dollars, so if that was all one was seeking at the Asian grocery, it need only be an annual trip. However, these days the secret is out. Not only is Sriracha available in most large chain grocery stores (usually the top shelf in the Asian Foods section – not with the standard hot sauces), but it is also slowly but surely finding a place among the tabletop staples at restaurants and in homes. As for me, a former hot-sauce abstainer, I put it on eggs, burgers and hot dogs and in everything from fried rice to meatloaf for a nice rich heat with a bold, but not overwhelming flavor. It's also great mixed with ketchup and served with sweet potato fries. Give hot sauce a chance to spice up your summer (and fall, winter and spring too) and the next time you need an everyday hot sauce, make a trip to the Asian food aisle instead.

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Jackie Friday, 10 August 2012

I love hot sauce, I picked up a bottle of Sriracha and will be trying it soon.

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Guest Saturday, 24 August 2019