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To Stuff...Or Not to Stuff

Posted by itsupportgroup
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on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 in General Interest


holidayspreadlWith Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season is in full swing – which begs the annual question: Do I enjoy the festivities and food and brave that 15-lb gain warning, or do I just say “No?” Well how about saying, “Yes” AND “No?” Try moderation!

You could simply choose to say, well I love this holiday celebration each year, so I am going to treat myself and indulge and not care about what it means tomorrow. That’s perfectly fine; if that’s how you feel, then I say go for it! What you might want to consider, however, are tomorrow’s leftovers..and Saturday’s and Sunday’s…THOSE are the days the trouble starts, not the actual feasting day itself.

Here’s a trick: If you are not the host/hostess, take nothing home. If you are the host/hostess, give it all away or send to a shelter. Don’t leave it in your house to tempt you to feast on it for the next week. Or keep just a little for the next day, but nothing compared to what you ate on the holiday itself. (Moderation).

If you would instead like to watch what you eat while being tempted by all the amazing smells, visuals and tastes, here are some tips:


bullet    Make sure to eat a light breakfast or lunch before a big holiday meal. By "saving" your calories for the main event, you actually trigger overeating through hunger. Snacking on the crudite instead of the heavy appetizers will also allow you to indulge in the main meal without guilt.


bullet    Limit your consumption of alcohol and soda. Those calories do count—don't waste them on beverages!


bullet    Watch those portions—don't eat with your eyes. Take a little of everything, and eat slowly. Chances are you'll be full and satisfied after your first serving, and won't want seconds.


bullet    Choose only those sides that come around at the holidays. Forget the plain old mashed potatoes and instead enjoy that stuffing. And think about leaving off the gravy.


bullet    Mmmmm…desserts. Try a lowfat chocolate pudding mixed with fat free cool whip or a fancy jello recipe instead of the heavy pies. Or serve mini sized desserts for portion control. If dessert is what you look forward to instead of the main meal, keep dinner light and healthy and then enjoy your own Viennese!


bullet    Wear tight pants. Those jogging pants are enabling you to stuff yourself ad nauseum; feeling a little tug after you ignore your body’s natural “I’m full” sigh will help keep your appetite in check.


bullet    If you are eating at someone else’s house, then bring a lighter, lower fat side dish for you to share and enjoy that may be a better alternate that fatty favorites. Bring a creatively autumn-like salad, roasted vegetables, healthy appetizer…get creative and fun!


bullet    Are you the chef? Take control! Replace white bread with whole grain in the stuffing; skip the heavy hollandaise and go for a zestier salsa or chutney option; substitute evaporated milk for heavy cream; or thicken gravy with cornstarch instead of roux.


Keep to certain traditions, but go lean on others. It is okay to think of yourself and your own needs (and those of your family).

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!


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