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Topping it with Flavor: Chimichurri Sauce

Posted by itsupportgroup
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on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 in Recipes

chimichurricroppedI’ve always enjoyed a good o’ fashion home cooked meal over fast food take out any given day of the week. Now, that’s not to say that all take out is awful tasting; I sure do love a Bobby Flay Blue Burger with their unbelievable Pistachio Milk Shake to wash it all down. I’m just saying that I much prefer a meal made with a little TLC in the comforts of my own clean kitchen, where I know what’s going into my food. When I have to eat out more than two days in a row, as I did when I had my new oven installed, my body starts to fight back. I start feeling bloated and my food receptacle (my tummy) starts craving a delicious home cooked Grilled Steak (Churrasco) smothered in Chimichurri sauce with a side of Spanish Red Beans over hot steaming White Basmati Rice and succulent Sweet Plantains cooked to perfection (not too soft, not too hard).


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a cooking class with my favorite Latina Chef, Daisy Martinez at Sur La Table and that’s where I discovered the wonders of making homemade Chimichurri. What is Chimichurri and why haven’t I heard of it before? Chimichurri originated in Argentina and it is what I would describe as a Latin Pesto Sauce for meat, poultry and fish. I even like the way it sounds…Chimiiii-Churrrrrrii. Rolls off the tongue like some sort of exotic dish that’s complicated to make, but it’s not! And you can put this stuff on just about anything that you want to add a bit of flavor, although it was made primarily for grilled meats. You can use it as you would a condiment on top of fried potatoes, on hotdogs and hamburgers. I’ve even used it as a dipping sauce for Tostones (fried green plantains). Chimichurri has a full flavored taste of garlic and a bit of tanginess from the vinegar and earthiness from the parsley. You can spice it up by adding red pepper flakes. But it’s the parsley that gives it that bright green color, although you can use Chimichurri after it marinates for a few days and turns a darker green color. For me, Chimichurri goes especially well with grilled steak. Here is the recipe:


Chimichurri Sauce
4 cups(s) flat-leaf parsley leaves (or the entire bunch from the supermarket)

6 clove(s) garlic (or you can add more if you like)

½ cup(s) of extra virgin olive oil (or more if needed)

¼ cup(s) red wine vinegar

Salt (to taste)

Fresh ground pepper

1 teaspoon(s) red pepper flake (optional, add more for spicier taste)


Process parsley and garlic in processor until fine, and scrape out into a bowl. Stir in the olive oil and vinegar, and check for seasoning. Add optional red pepper flakes for a spicy chimichurri. Top your favorite grilled steaks (etc) and enjoy!



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Denise Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Wonderful recipe!! Yes, I also prefer a home cooked meal over the "drive thru" fast food. I will most definitely try this recipe out. Im currently writing a recipe book for my son. Am looking for more recipes to add to it....I'd love to add this one as well. Thanks Jackie!! :)

Name Jackie Ramos Thursday, 05 July 2012

I'm hoping to be adding more recipes soon!

Michelle Bonura Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Thanks Jackie! I had it only once at an Argentine restaurant. Awesome!

Name Jackie Ramos Thursday, 05 July 2012

You're very welcomed! I'm hoping to have more recipes up on the blog soon.

Latarsha Atkins Monday, 27 August 2012

This is definitely going to be added to my Recipe Book.
This is my Husband Favorite Sauce and now I can make it for him. :D

Jackie Thursday, 11 October 2012

Latarsha: Let me know what he thinks of it...don't be afraid to use it on chicken, steak, tostones or even on top of beans and such....I use it almost like a condiment.

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