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Whitsons Nominated for Exemplary Hiring Practices


Whitsons Culinary Group has been nominated by “The Viscardi Center” to receive recognition for its exemplary hiring practices during the National Disability Employment Awareness Month celebrations on Friday, October 13th, 2017.


National Disability Employment Awareness Month is celebrated nationwide in the month of October in recognition of inclusive hiring practices. The Long Island Working Partnership has been organizing this event in this region since 1985 by showcasing businesses that have given equal opportunities to job applicants with disabilities.


Pictured are District Manager, Laura Gaglione, Manhasset’s Food Service Director, Allana Singh,  Chef, Joseph Caswall, Perry Roman, Manhasset Secondary School Principal, Dr. Dean Schlanger, and Manhasset Schools Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finance, Rosemarie Johnson.


Group photo of team members.