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Welcome to Whitsons’ community blog forum! We believe it is important to get involved with our team members, clients and customers, as well as create a space for information exchange, interesting perspectives and interactive communications.

Here, you will find professionals from all around the company sharing their experiences and knowledge on a range of topics, from industry-specific trends and recipes, to health and nutrition and team motivation.
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Resolve to Commit

Posted by Jennifer Watson
Jennifer Watson
Jennifer has been with Whitsons for over 14 years as an integral part of the Sales and Marketing departments. ...
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on Monday, 30 December 2013 in General Interest


resolveNew Year's Resolutions are cliché…not because people make them, but because we tend to always break them. Why is that? We set off with the best of intentions. For example, we pledge to end some kind of bad habit, be more of something, reach a goal—but by February, we fall flat on the promises we made for the new year.

It's not your intention that's off; what you resolve to do in the new year is very real for you. But what happens is that we lack commitment, and oftentimes, the problem is in the execution. To make a resolution work, you need to do more than wish for it. You need to set up a real plan, and one that works for your life.

Take losing weight for example. Immediately you might think: weight loss program and joining a gym, and you jump right into your new resolution expecting to change your life cold turkey. You need to ease yourself in slowly, and actually make a commitment to change your lifestyle to make it a reality. Pick one action and test it out. Find the eating habits or program that work for you, or consult a doctor or nutritionist (discussing with a professional is the best option). Think about your personality and what works best for you before you fully commit to a "diet" plan—and instead refer to it as a lifestyle change so it doesn’t feel like another temporary solution, but a committed way of living.

Everyone is different; what works for your friends might not work for you. Take trial gym classes before signing up, find a friend to walk with, research videos or equipment for at home workouts; see what will honestly fit into your schedule and exercise style for the long term. If you gradually change your lifestyle—no matter what your resolution—you will find it more likely to stick and actually become a reality in your life. Remember: It's all in the commitment.

Tired of the same old resolution year in, year out? Challenge yourself to do something different this year! Many people focus on a resolution that targets a flaw they may have, or something they perceive to need improvement in their life. Go ahead and make that resolution, but make one more after that. Find something FUN to commit to this year. What is something you have always wanted to do, but have never done, or haven't done in a while? Make plans to make it happen, and bring some childhood fun back to your adult life. Resolve to be joyful!


Happy New Year!


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Jennifer has been with Whitsons for over 14 years as an integral part of the Sales and Marketing departments. As Whitsons’ Director of Communications, Jennifer leads our business development efforts in writing proposals and client communications, as well as designing and implementing direct marketing and social media campaigns. She is editor-in-chief of our corporate newsletter, Traditions, and team member e-newsletter, Monthly Happenings. She also supports the operations team on a variety of projects, including concept development, coordination of company meetings and documentation control. She is also actively involved in our not for profit charitable Whitsons Family Foundation for team members and ACT research and development council.


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