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Whitsons Participates in...

CAMBA and Whitsons Culinary Group have partnered to provide...Read More

Whitsons to Provide...

When the Boston Public Schools went out to bid, the district...Read More

Uninterrupted Prepared...

The Sunday following Christmas, the Northeast was hit with a...Read More

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Operational Planning and Team Development

We offer a variety of services designed to empower your foodservice team to achieve the goals you have set for your school dining program.


  • Detailed operational plans, menu development, HACCP plans and specification documents, equipment sourcing and program oversight.
  • Team building and training programs, with certified trainers in key areas such as Culinary, ServSafe, Safety and Customer Service.
  • Comprehensive transition plans supported by a seasoned transition team dedicated wholly to your program’s success.
  • Support service options ranging from daily onsite oversight of your program to thorough documentation enabling true turnkey operation.

At Whitsons, we put our resources to work for you, developing a program that meets your needs, is fiscally responsible and can be adapted as your needs change. Regardless of the level of service you require, we maintain a strong focus on nutritious, high quality menus made from fresh, wholesome ingredients, supported by a team of company owners and foodservice professionals dedicated to your success.