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Troy CSD Overhauls...

Article featured on Troy CSD website. Photo credit: Troy...Read More

Wellesley Middle School...

A group of Wellesley Middle School students have been growing...Read More

New Haven Walk Against...

Managers and team members from Oxford, Hamden, and Fairfield,...Read More

Sustainability at...

This year the Whitsons team at Wellesley, partnered with Bates...Read More

School Day with Whitsons...

It was a great day for a School Day at the New Britain Bees...Read More

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Focus on Nutrition

We are parents, just like you. We love our kids and want to see them grow up strong and healthy, with a solid education and a world of possibilities at their fingertips. As school dining service providers, we are in a unique position to directly affect the health and wellbeing of the children we serve.


With childhood obesity rates rising throughout the country, we take our commitment to providing the most wholesome, balanced meals to our students very seriously. Studies show that children have better attendance, behave better in school, are more alert and retain more information when they start their day off with a wholesome breakfast, and maintain nourishment through a well-rounded lunch and healthy snacks.

SN-NutEd1 SM